4 bedroom design ideas guaranteed to give you a restful sleep

4 bedroom design ideas guaranteed to give you a restful sleep

One of the best ways to create a calming, cosy and intimate vibe is to choose the right colour for the bedroom. Light and bright colours reflect light, which helps to soften the ambience while being rich in detail. An earthy colour palette of greys, browns, beiges, whites, etc., helps achieve this vision. For the bedroom in this Bengaluru villa, the walls are quenched in crisp white monochromes with hints of colour in the furnishing as an accent.

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3. Choose functional, ergonomic bedroom furniture

A floating desk serves as a study area in tandem with the minimalist design vocabulary.

Phosart Studio

Simplicity in design and creative utilisation of spaces is essential for areas like the
bedroom. To avoid clutter, the interiors should meet realistic requirements within a minimalist design scheme.  Essential bedroom furniture usually includes a bed, wardrobe, and desk and chair. Attention to detail when selecting this furniture is essential, and one must create connections between elements with minimal joint lines and immaculate cabinetry installation.

“Our client’s bedroom is doused in soothing textures inspired by mid-century
modern furniture. The earthy and warm colour palette comes from the wood, cane roller
blinds, and neutral, organic upholstery. The space resonates with the client’s fondness for
sustainable and eco-friendly materials such as rattan and rustic wooden textures that
imbue oodles of character,” says Shanghavi. The furniture is restricted to a minimalist wooden
platform bed, oakwood floating bookshelves, and repurposed wardrobes from the clients
existing collection of furniture.

4. Add textures and patterns via furnishing

Minimalism needn’t be boring or uninviting. Patterns and textures used in the bedroom should be restful and not stimulate the eye. In this bedroom, the cushion and bedsheets are made of sustainable fabric with hints of patterns to draw visual interest. Other curated pieces, like the open shelves, accentuate the overall look.

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