9 Perfectly Imperfect Pieces of Home Decor

9 Perfectly Imperfect Pieces of Home Decor

House Beautiful Marketplace

Are you familiar with the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi? The idea is to find beauty in imperfection and to embrace uniqueness. When it comes to interiors this can mean asymmetry in design, roughly-textured surfaces and unusual silhouettes. Instead of aiming for sleek furniture or uniform home décor, wabi-sabi encourages you to embrace the perfectly imperfect. Think handcrafted ceramics, tactile woodwork and a simple, minimal design.

Wabi-sabi by large works well with a minimalist interior aesthetic as it hinges on the principle of only adding objects to your home that add personal or emotional value. It also encourages us to appreciate our belongings as they age and tarnish – a valuable lesson in a fast-moving world with high standards for perfection.

We’ve rounded up our favourite pieces from the House Beautiful Marketplace that embody the core philosophy of wabi-Sabi.


Trine Bowl in Charcoal



Matte and glossy textures combine with an uneven rim for an intriguing finish. Available in small, medium, and large, we recommend stacking all three sizes together when not in use to create an asymmetric ornament, perfect for a coffee table or sideboard.


Organic Vase in Drizzle Grey

Broste Copenhagen


A natural, asymmetric silhouette means this vase from Broste Copenhagen is both organic by name and organic by style. The high-gloss finish is a pleasing contrast to the uneven surface. It’s available in two sizes and three different colours: storm grey, orange cinnamon, and simply taupe.


Lin Candle Holder in White



This candle holder draws on natural elements and textures, making for a unique decorative element in your home. It’s carved from petrified wood and finished in a stark, bone-white colour for a truly unique effect.


Elsie Console Table in Burned Wax



Distressed mango wood gives an earthy, natural finish to the Elsie Console Table. Featuring drawers with diamond panelling for extra texture and intrigue, this is a great visual focal point for any hallway.


Ximena Round Platter in Black



Ultra-fine linear texture combines with uneven edges for a trinket tray like no other. We love the handcrafted look and finish – it invites you to reach out and touch. Style on your coffee table for an understated yet eye-catching look.


Ella Mirror in Pewter



Not quite circular, not quite rectangular either, the Ella Mirror features a unique pebble-like silhouette. This is just the thing to add some extra depth to your home and would dress up a bedroom or hallway in an instant.


Winnie Large Serving Board in Brown



Handcrafted from sustainable olive wood in a rich, inviting tone, we love the perfectly imperfect shape of the board, which gives it a warm, rustic charm. Better still, it’ll only get better as it ages, with the wabi-sabi appeal increasing with every knife mark.


Delilah Sideboard in Grey



Curves, twists and knots bring an organic feel to this three-door sideboard. Contrasted by the industrial style legs, this is a truly unique design. Perhaps our favourite feature is the unusual wave-like shape of the doors, which add an extra twist to the overall look.


Rillo Fibreclay Podium Charcoal

Broste Copenhagen


This unusual podium is a versatile surface for any home. Its ridged lines help to add plenty of texture and subtly draw the eye. Being multifunctional, you use it as a side table or to show off your favourite home décor.

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