Adorning modish bathroom designs with distinctive emblem

Adorning modish bathroom designs with distinctive emblem

New Delhi, May 15 (IANSlife): Did you know that the bathroom is one of the most often utilised rooms in your home? So, whether you’re buying, renting, or just visiting, a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing bathroom is essential.

Sternhagen, a luxury bathroom fitting supplier launches the Scherezade bathroom suite series in collaboration with Farah Khan, whose sophisticated design sensibilities are combined with Sternhagen’s expertise and cutting-edge techniques to create this magnificent luxury bathroom space.

Chirag Parekh, Chairman and Director, Acrysil and Jewelry designer Farah Khan Ali walk us through its latest launch:

Tell us about your new collection Scherezade

Parekh: Scherezade is a collection designed by Farah Khan, who is not just a jewellery designer but also a visionary, an artist and a storyteller. Her creations are conceived in her zealous imagination which allows her the freedom to make the impossible possible. This fortuitous collaboration brings the sophisticated design sensibilities of Farah Khan in the form of exquisite luxury bathroom ware with the technological and cutting–edge manufacturing methodologies of Sternhagen.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the latest collection

Parekh: Inspired by palatial arches and royal historic monuments from the Golden age of Indian architecture with roots deep-seated in the awe-inspiring history of our country’s heritage, this collection is an ode to that glorious rich culture we call India. I draw deeply from India’s artistic heritage and contemporise its traditional forms to create something current and universal.

What do you think is the USP of “Scherezade”

Parekh: This exquisite collection combines the sophisticated design sensibilities of Farah Khan with the cutting edge technology of Sternhagen creating the perfect unison of exquisite, authentic design and practical functionality. This resplendent collection has the FK monogram – Aayat seamlessly imprinted on the products adding a vibe of refinement and grandiose.

What are the trends you’ve seen in the sanitaryware sector globally and in India?

Parekh: A Bath suite is more than just a place to take a shower. It’s where one pauses to think of the day to begin or the day has gone by. It is a time to reflect with yourself alone and time to prepare or even unwind for the day. We see a growing appetite for design and functionality among the customers we serve. They want spaces that are adorned with sophisticated design and intuitive products that provide the best functional experience and make a bold statement.

What made you collaborate with Sternhagen

Farah: Sternhagen is known for its cutting-edge technology and is committed to excellence. Chirag constantly innovates to create products with new technology and at Farah Khan, I strive to play with different materials to create innovative jewels. When we first met our visions aligned and the passion for precision was the immediate click where we realized that this collaboration is going to be very special. This is where the idea of Scherezade was born.

How did the collaboration work, how did you and the teamwork on the ideation and the design process

Farah: Even though the project has been a work in progress for over a year now, the team has been extremely charged. At Farah Khan, we draw from the rich Indian heritage of our culture and contemporise it to create products that are modish and universal. Scherezade means princely and the FK monogram – Aayat reminds one of the beautiful arches of Royal India. We wanted to highlight that in the products using the motif across the collection. Each product has been designed keeping in mind the utility aspect while adding the FK stylish motif to it that instantly elevates the space.

Tell us about the luxury 15 lakh diamond faucet that has been the highlight of this latest launch

Farah: The showstopper of our collection is the magnificent Aayat faucet that is meticulously crafted in silver and embellished with a total of 473 natural diamonds that weigh a total of 8.62 carats.

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