Cleaning: Mrs Hinch’s ‘best’ bathroom tips – ‘the sense of satisfaction is unbelievable’

Cleaning: Mrs Hinch’s ‘best’ bathroom tips – ‘the sense of satisfaction is unbelievable’

Mrs Hinch has a whopping 4.3million followers on Instagram. In her bestselling book Hinch Yourself Happy, she provided a step-by-step guide on how to transform your bathroom from grubby to gorgeous.

It’s crucial to start with a blank canvas.

Mrs Hinch began: “I always start off by removing everything that isn’t attached, so any ornaments, towels and products come straight out.

“I clear everything out of the shower, bath and any shelves and put the bath mat in the washing pile.”

She then recommended using Astonish Mould and Mildew Spray to spray down all the tiles, before using Viakal on taps, shower heads, plugs and the shower door.

“[Viakal] is fabulous for limescale and the shine it leaves is the best.”

In the meantime, for the bath, Mrs Hinch uses “Minkeh”, her minky cloth, and Flash Bathroom.

She continued: “Once you finish the bath, don’t forget to rinse away the Viakal from the shower head and taps because if left for too long it can cause damage.

“Any bathroom shelves and surfaces are next, making sure I rinse out Minkeh in between. I get right into the corners of everything because that’s where the really nasty stuff is hiding.”

As for the shower, Mrs Hinch likes to “attack” with Stewart, her trusted SonicScrubber, which works wonders on the “plughole, taps or hard-to-reach places in and around the shower door”.

She revealed: “The sense of satisfaction is unbelievable.”

Following this, Mrs Hinch recommended rinsing everything off with the shower head, leaving everything but the shower doors and windows to air-dry – “I’ll always finish those off with the Minky window and glass cloth (aka Kermit, as we all know him).

“However, for extra perfection my window vacuum (Victor) is perfect for a streak-free finish on all glass!”

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Moving onto the toilet, Mrs Hinch stated: “Cif Power and Shine Wipes never let me down when cleaning the toilet, but also I like to use bleach to clean it all over when I feel like it needs a bit more of a wipe!

“It sounds obvious but don’t start on the rim of the toilet, start with the lid because it will be cleaner than the rest of it.”

The cleaning mogul uses Harpic Pine toilet cleaner, and her trick is to leave it to “marinate for a while”.

She warned: “Also check that your rim blocks are still intact and change them if needed. They can be very unhygienic if left for longer than they should be.”

As for her toilet brush: “I pour a neat capful of Zoflora into my toilet brush once it’s been cleaned and disinfected just to keep the smell fresh! Every time I use my toilet brush it smells of Mountain Air Zoflora! I mean, who wouldn’t want that!”

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Mrs Hinch advised: “If you’ve got a towel-rail radiator like I have, wipe it down with a dry tumble dryer sheet first to remove any dust. Then put some Cif Stainless Steel Spray on to a microfibre cloth and wipe it down one rail at a time. Finally, buff it up with Kermit [window and glass cloth] if needed.”

Last but not least, the floors!

The cleaning mogul stated: “Always get rid of the dust before cleaning the floors. (I use my handheld hoover at this point to make sure there really is no dust left over.) The worst combo is dust mixed with a freshly mopped floor! No mate!”

The final thing Mrs Hinch does before standing back and admiring her handiwork is using floor wipes, a spray mop or a good old mop and bucket to make sure she gets “every bit of dirt up”.

“I love using Zoflora for this. The smell is divine.”

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