Create cleaning products get organized with these spring cleaning tips

Spring is in the air, and for many it smells like all-purpose cleaner.

Spring cleaning: that time of year to finally empty out that junk drawer and to pull out the oven and see what little crumbs from Christmas dinner might have slid down between the counter and stove.

It can seem like a daunting task, which is why it can help to hire a professional — or at least get a few tips from some local experts

Cary Zwijacz of Delafield’s Simply Natural Cleaning & Organizing loves to clean.

“Believe it or not, it’s probably a stress reliever,” she said. “We just enjoy cleaning.”

The “we” is Zwijacz’s daughter Gracie Mannie, along with other family and friends.

“It’s extremely satisfying to see something dirty go to clean looking,” Mannie said. “It’s just really nice spending the day cleaning together.”

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