Designer Christi Proctor-Hurst seeks personal look for homes | Waco Today

Designer Christi Proctor-Hurst seeks personal look for homes | Waco Today

As an interior designer, Christi Proctor-Hurst has seen trends come and go and sometimes come back again.

But lately she’s seeing a return to a more traditional mix for home design.

“In the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s everybody did the same thing,” she said of interior design. “Then people start seeing things on TV or later, Pinterest, and they start liking those ideas for their home.”

Proctor-Hurst was part of that home design realm on cable TV herself as a designer for The Learning Channel’s shows “Trading Spaces” and “Trading Spaces: Family” from 2003 to 2007.

“We’ve had the trends of industrial farmhouse and mid-century modern,” she said. “Now it’s coming back to the individual and where we need to go back to what’s me.”

That’s the design approach Proctor-Hurst employs.

“It’s very personal,” she said. “I design around (the client’s) personality.”

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She shared a story about a friend whom she described as a “western soul” with a “high-ranch style” in mind for her house.

“She painted everything white,” Proctor-Hurst said. “In about a year she’s looking around it going, ‘Whose home is this?’”

Not What You See

Part of the reality check for many homeowners is that the images they find online or television won’t translate to their houses.

“The photography is romanticized because of filters,” she said. “Your home isn’t going to look that way because you’re not looking through a filtered lens all the time.”

It’s important to incorporate the homeowners’ lifestyle is any design change, she said. For example, do they have pets?

“Are pets important to your life? Will they be in the house, because that’s part of your life,” she added. “One of the big things I do today is create custom bedding with Moon Rein. I make bedding that can handle having pets on them. You don’t want luxury silk if there’s going to be a Doodle on it.”

Designers also can help clients focus on their budget.

“I tell them don’t skimp on the things that mean the most to you,” she said. “Budget less for the things you don’t live on top of.”

Sites like Pinterest, though, can be useful as they give clients ideas of what they want their home to look like, she said.

Something Different

“But sometimes we do like to push people a bit out of their comfort zone,” she said. “For me, it’s helping them in visualizing what their home can become.”

She related a story about a young couple who bought a home in Big Spring with a very plain brown exterior, even the front doors.

“It had colors like a funeral home,” Proctor-Hurst said.

The house’s exterior had a drab brown color throughout before incorporating changes Christi Proctor-Hurst suggested. Photos by Christi Proctor-Hurst.


Painting the exterior white and going with orange doors and dark wood beams transformed the look of the house. Photo by Christi Proctor-Hurst.

She convinced them to paint the bricks white and go with new doors and a bold orange color. Despite their initial skepticism they were thrilled with the new look, she said.

Among the most satisfying compliments she receives are those from clients who trust her design skills in making over their homes.

She has been the go-to designer for 13 years for one homeowner who continually updates her home.

“She’ll go and tell the contractors, ‘Just do what Christi says because she knows what I like,’” Proctor-Hurst said. “That makes me feel great about what I do.”

Christi’s Shop has moved from its downtown location and will reopen at a new spot at 5900 Franklin Ave. in early May. But her business is operating in the meantime. She can be reached at 254-235-1047 or check online at


The rear of the house looked pretty dreary as well before the updates.


More orange doors, white wall paint and repainted beams dress up the back of the house, too.

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