Easy ways to dazzle your home with jewel tones

After long domination of pastels, whites or grey, jewel tones are making their way back into home décor. Jewel tones are basically the bold and sophisticated versions of regular colours that appear more extravagant and bear a resemblance to more like gemstones. Derived from exquisite jewels like amethyst, emerald, ruby, and sapphire- these rich hues can easily transform your space while incorporating colourful dramatic vibes into your space. Bring an instant sophistication to your abode with a variety of timeless jewel stirred hues right from ruby, and sapphire to cool emerald.

Here are some easy ways to dazzle your home with jewel tones like a pro

Add a drama with paints or wallpapers

There is nothing that can play up your décor more than the walls! Decking up the walls rightly with bold colours not only renovates the entire look of your abode but also adds an exclusive flair to it. A sapphire blue tone is just perfect to take the edge of grace up a notch elegantly. Either you can go with the colours or printed wallpapers for a regal trace.  

Complement the colour and texture

While dazzling up your space with jewel tones, it is extremely vital to complement all the elements with the colour and texture for a more unified look. Make sure that you keep the tones of other adornments light and neutral if you are choosing a bold tone of your primary element. Say, for example, if you are picking your couches in topaz blue colour, then the frames and other furniture should have a luxe setup (but with more natural tones) to maintain the focus.  

Complement the colour and texture

Splashes is the new-fangled way

If you have a compact space and you are dicey about going the way of jewel tones, then one of the smart ways to groom your space gracefully is by introducing the hues in the form of splashes. A dark-coloured wall with the fixtures of splashed wall art or splashes of jewel colours over a neutral, lightly tinted wall can bring luxe vibes without overwhelming a closed space.

Add in some gold

When it comes to depicting luxury vibes, gold and jewels go hand in hand. Spruce up your living room with elements like golden jaali, printed wallpapers or wall artefacts that has some golden tint in them to pair it well with the jewel-toned couches or dark furniture. Make sure to not overdo the space with gold or any other dark tone to elude the tackiness. Also, dark reddish painted lamps or candle holders will come out cool when paired together with a bold tinted couch.

Add in some gold

Jewel tones are making comeback in the market and are a perfect choice to glam up your space to depict an imperial vibe. While decking your primary elements with such dramatic tones, complements and tone down the pitch of the overall room to mark an exclusive statement. 

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