Five interior decor mistakes that might deem you undateable this Valentine’s Day, according to experts

COULD the way you decorate your home be a huge red flag to that special someone?

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, an expert reveals what home design mistakes you’re making that are scaring off your date.


Interior decor experts recommend paying attention to fine details such as making sure your bathroom sets matchCredit: Getty
Keep your house plants healthy to show your date you know how to care for others


Keep your house plants healthy to show your date you know how to care for othersCredit: Getty

Your home style can say a lot about your personality, and could easily end up giving your date “the ick,” according to the luxury bed company Crafted Beds.

Many don’t realize that their decorative choices can send a big message about you as a person.

Who would want to date someone with dead houseplants, showing their lack of caring for others?

And not to mention those with mismatched bathroom sets are basically screaming ‘I don’t pay attention to detail.’

So before inviting over your date, check your home for the five furnishing faux pas you need to avoid to make a good impression on Valentine’s Day.


Small details can bring the entire room together.

Uncoordinated and mismatched sets give off an erratic vibe, making you seem kind of, well, chaotic.

A clear toothbrush holder and grey pop-up laundry basket might have done you well in your college days, (hey, at least it showed you knew how to do your laundry, right?) but making little elements harmonize with the overall style of the room shows your potential partner that you pay keen attention to detail (and that you’ll never need their help picking out an outfit).


Having houseplants indicates that you are a caring person and are able to tend to the needs of another.

If your special someone walks into a bunch of dead plants, they’re going to assume you’re a little too self-absorbed to take time out of your day for others.

Don’t ruin your chances because you forgot to water your Pothos.

If anything, use fake plants to decorate your house since they don’t require any attention, or better yet, just throw the dead plants out before your date arrives.


Bare walls and shelves will tell your date all they need to know.

Either you’re bland and boring, or you don’t care enough to make your space look nice.

Either way, they’ll probably lose interest before you’ve even had the chance to speak.

Instead, make your personality shine through a bold feature wall, a flourish of eccentric patterns, or a display of your favorite prints.

Anything from movie posters, pieces of vinyl, abstract drawings, or family photographs can allow your walls to tell a story about you, rather than scare your date off.

Not to mention that photo from your trip to Spain or the poster from your favorite concert last summer will help spark up all kinds of conversation.


If you work from home and set up your office smack in the middle of your living space, you’re implying that you struggle to create work/life boundaries.

You want to show that you know how to prioritize your personal life and can keep your work life at work.

If you have the space, make sure you clearly designate an area for living and one for working by setting up a home office or creating a desk area with room dividers.

If you lack space, pack away your laptop and unsightly wires and replace them with something a little bit more welcoming, like candles or coffee table books.


Without at least one full-length mirror, your date might think you don’t care about your appearance.

Checking the mirror before leaving the house is a given, so without one, you might be leaving how much you value your appearance and personal image up for debate. 

To take your house to the next level, design experts revealed the easiest DIY home improvement tips such as finding furniture on buy-and-sell sites or revamping your interior’s crown molding.

Let your personality shine through fun wall decor


Let your personality shine through fun wall decorCredit: Getty
Office space will show you know how to balance work/life


Office space will show you know how to balance work/lifeCredit: Getty
Having a full-length mirror shows you care about your appearance


Having a full-length mirror shows you care about your appearanceCredit: Getty
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