How to clean an area rug: expert tips for cleaning a rug

Knowing how to clean an area rug properly is vital to its longevity. It may be that your rug is in a bedroom, where it doesn’t get a ton of footfall, but might occasionally become victim to an early morning coffee spillage. Or perhaps it’s in the kitchen, where it has to cope with all kinds of stains and spills – or out in the backyard, in which case it may even have to cope with BBQ stains, too. Or maybe you’re looking at cleaning living room rugs regularly?

Whatever, cleaning a rug can be done at home effectively, without the need to involve professionals. The best route to success is to follow the maker’s recommendations – which you may find on the reverse of your rug. Failing that, it’s important to ensure you clean a rug according to its material and even weave – this will help you to maintain its looks.

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