How to create a breezy beach house look

How to create a breezy beach house look

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Coastal interiors are having a bit of a moment. Perhaps we are yearning for more bright and breezy open spaces, or the informality of a beach home, along with sandy footprints and well-used bathing suits sitting in a salty puddle on the porch. It all sounds endlessly appealing, especially after several years of restricted travel abroad.

Whilst panoramic views of the ocean certainly help in creating a coastal look, it is by no means essential. Coastal interiors have more to do with taking design cues from the natural world, full of organic materials such as jute, linen, and white-washed wood. Colours are earthy, layered with blues and fresh whites – it is the breeziness of the beach in decorated form.

Coastal interiors have even reached Gen Z’s design lexicon in the guise of ‘coastal grandma,’ a home and lifestyle trend created on TikTok by Lex Nicoleta. Videos detailing the ins and outs of coastal grandma – from the cushions you’d find in her home, to the white wine she would have on ice – have reached over a billion views.

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Coastal interiors signal comfortable and cosy luxury, rather than anything lavish or ostentatious. Homes are immaculately put together, and never fall victim to twee seaside references.

You’ll find plenty of reclaimed and antique furniture, and accessories sourced or made locally. Resist the urge to accessorise with seashells (maybe just one,) and look more towards finishing with ceramics and sink-in soft furnishings.

Country Living Croyde Stripe Cushion, Red

A chic nautical stripe is a must for a beach style home – even better if it’s printed onto a rustic, off-white linen or cotton.

Country Living Falmouth Ceramic Table Lamp

A coastal aesthetic demands an abundant use of organic materials that work most effectively in their natural raw form.

Above right: Country Living Artisan Tiles at Homebase

One design feature that might prove difficult to replicate is the abundance of natural light. Beach homes are usually open and airy, with skylights, French doors, and large windows blurring the boundary between outdoors and in.

There are plenty of design tricks that can brighten up your space however, like using white rather than yellow bulbs, and glossy paint or glazed tiles to reflect the light you do have, placing a number of mirrors around your room, and using sheer or semi-sheer window treatments.

Above: Country Living paints at Homebase

When designing a coastal-inspired home, colour is your most vital component, with a palette of beige shades, crisp whites, and of course sunny seaside blues.

There is very little that is bold about coastal interiors, at most you might add a sunny yellow or touches of red to your blue and neutral colour combination. Print and pattern is used, but likely to be restrained, you won’t see the dense ikat found in country homes, but rather simple stripes or motifs inspired by ocean botanicals.

Country Living French Knot Salcombe Sea Flower Cushion

The sea flower cushion is a great example of modern coastal design that eschews kitsch seaside references like boats and seagulls.

Country Living Croyde Stripe Cushion, Navy

Blue is the coastal colour of choice, but shades can run the gamut. We would recommend making good use of a chic navy.

The Country Living coastal collection is available in-store and online at Homebase.

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