Nate Berkus Shares How to Buy Furniture When You Have Children

Earlier this month, Nate Berkus shared his interior design skills with NYC’s Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital—a respected local business that’s been caring for the community’s animals for nearly 22 years. Since the pandemic, veterinarian and owner Dr. Richard Fried has seen a huge rise in people needing pet care which is why he called on Berkus to modernize his space.

As soon as the star decorator took on the project, he immediately wanted to hook the place up with the most up-to-date technology. “To tell you the truth, I’m awful with technology,” he confesses to House Beautiful. “However, there’s a lot of renewed interest in making things better since the pandemic and none of that works unless you’re incorporating the best and latest tech.”

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Berkus explains that these useful details are a seamless way to create upgrades and completely elevate a design. To ensure Dr. Fried and his staff end up with top equipment, Berkus took advantage of the new American Express Business Platinum Card benefit of receiving up to $400 statement credit on Dell purchases each year ($200 semi-annually) along with 1.5x rewards points on all electronic goods purchase. So you better believe that Berkus and Dell decked out the space in shiny new monitors, desktops, printers, and more.

In addition to practical gear that instantly makes a setup feel current, it’s equally important for Berkus to not forget about older, one-of-a-kind items. “I don’t think a room is done unless it includes elements from all different periods and ages,” he adds. “There’s nothing less interesting to me than when a room is one-note or if someone sees a page in a catalog, throws it all in their cart, and hits purchase. For me, vintage and antique things have always been a real opportunity to drive home the personality of the people who live or work in the space.”

That said, for any renovators ready to take on the adventure of vintage shopping, Berkus emphasizes that it’ll be what sets you apart from everyone one else. Plus, it’s made for anyone with kids. “As a father of two kids under seven, I think it’s especially helpful to live with vintage things,” he points out. “They’ve already had a thousand hands touching the knobs on the drawer and the surfaces aren’t meant to be pristine.”

He continues by advising readers to start with vintage lamps. “It’s a great first vintage buy,” he mentions. “You just have to be a little sure-handed because if you buy a [vintage lamp], it usually has to be rewired but luckily, there are a million places that do it. Lighting is definitely something I’m always looking for.”

Artwork is another purchase to prioritize during a refresh. “You’ll see this huge blown-up image of a dog,” Berkus says. “[Dr. Fried] is funny. He definitely approaches life and his work with a healthy sense of humor, and so one of my favorite elements was using the funny imagery of animals in the space.”

Keep scrolling for before and after photos of the new and improved Big Apple vet clinic. Here’s to hoping that Berkus’s work will inspire you to do some redesigning of your own.

lincoln square veterinary hospital before the redesign

Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital (before)

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lincoln square veterinary hospital after the redesign

Lincoln Square Veterinary Hospital (after)

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