This Zillow Listing Has a Bathroom With Four Toilets and the Internet Is Confused

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Zillow Gone Wild is known for featuring a bevy of unique homes on its account—including everything from Gatsby-worthy mansions to a house with its own water park—but one of its latest features has something we have definitely never seen in a house before. The home boasts a bathroom with not one, but four toilets. While House Beautiful doesn’t exactly advocate for this bizarre kind of design decision (after all, why would you possibly need that many toilets in one bathroom?), we did some investigating and found out how this design choice came to be.

Known as the Hawthorne House, this Milwaukee property was built in 1851 by the Fowle family and it’s currently listed for $450,000. It acted as a farm house for the next 70-80 years, approximately, before it was donated to the Girl Scouts of the United States of America in the 1920s or 1930s, according to listing agent Jane DiChristopher.

zillow listing zillow gone wild bathroom four toilets sinks

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With six bedrooms and three bathrooms, the 3,913-square-foot property seems like a standard single-family residence from the outside, but naturally, it’s hard to look past the four toilet bathroom once you see it. Turns out, it was actually the Girl Scouts who added these amenities—which kind of makes sense. As a former Girl Scout myself, I know how big one troop can be (the average is around eight to twelve girls in total), and I imagine living in the same house as that many people necessitates a greater number of toilets (and sinks) than your average abode.

Some other interesting tidbits about this home? The Girl Scouts who lived here once had President Hebert Hoover’s wife, Lou, over for tea—and it’s rumored that the dwelling was also part of the underground railroad.

zillow listing zillow gone wild bathroom four toilets sinks

Shutter Zone Media/Jeff Showers

Today, the unique house is owned by Kaley Wittnik, a hair and makeup artist who purchased the pad two years ago, with plans to turn it into an Airbnb and/or a multi-use property. Since then, she has restored the home while maintaining its historical integrity, adding more modern elements like a vibrant gallery wall that acts as a backdrop to the infamous toilets.

If, for whatever reason, you’re in the market for a home with four toilets in one bathroom, you can find the listing—which is held by Jane DiChristopher of Mahler Sotheby’s International—here.

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