Woman shares husband’s reaction after creating home decor with her old contraceptive device

Woman shares husband’s reaction after creating home decor with her old contraceptive device

A woman has revealed how she used an old contraceptive device for a piece of artwork in her home.

On Reddit, user WeiWeiSmoo shared an image of a hormonal intrauterine device (IUD), which is inserted into the uterus to provide long-term birth control, in a picture frame.

Above the IUD, the writing in the frame reads: “In Loving Memory, 2015 – 2022.” Below the device, the Reddit user detailed the benefits of the contraceptive and how it got her through “bad mistakes.”

“Seven years of valiant service to my cervix,” she wrote. “The brave little soldier has gotten me through many bad mistakes. R.I.P. Little Buddy.”

However, according to the original poster, not all of her peers were fans of the artwork, as the caption of the Reddit post reads: “My husband isn’t thrilled about the new decor.”

As of 17 March, the post has more than 51,700 upvotes, with readers in the comments amused by the framed contraceptive device.

“I think it’s hilarious and just the kind of dark humor me and my wife love,” one wrote. “This lady’s IUD portrait has a lot more societal value and inherent meaning than a great deal of modern art.”

“I did the same thing,” another wrote. “My husband thinks it’s hilarious, though. And so did my midwives when they showed up for my son’s birth.”

Some readers also shared some of their experiences with IUDs, one of which said: “My wife had one of those for a year, then it shifted and she didn’t check for the strings. Yadda yadda yadda, and our son is 4 now.”

However, there were many Reddit users who understood why the husband wasn’t happy about the decor, claiming that it was “trashy.”

“I don’t get how you’re proud of this or find it funny, this is disgusting and super trashy,” one wrote.

“The ‘mistakes’ are referring to either f***ing  her husband or other dudes,” another comment reads. “Either one would be pretty offensive to me if it were proudly displayed like this.”

Speaking to The Independent, u/WeiWeiSmoo that after the “initial shock” of seeing what was done with her IUD, her husband now finds the picture funny.

“Actually his words this morning were ‘I think it’s a touching tribute to something that’s helped you so much over the years.’” she said. “The title of my lost was a part of overall joke… and that’s framing my IUD and writing a eulogy. He was never upset by it.”

However, they don’t always keep the IUD hung up. “The IUD is still framed and displayed, on the rare occasions we do have guests I will take it down out of respect for them,” she added.


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